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Aconcagua : 22,831 '
21 days

Western Hemispheres' highest peak at 22,834'

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The highest mountain in the Western Hemisphere, and the highest peak outside of Central Asia, is Aconcagua at 22,831'. It is considered a prize peak for any mountaineer. Aconcagua requires a strong commitment to training, a serious dedication to team effort, and the patience to cope with climbing a big mountain ' Expedition Style '.

After flying to Mendoza from Santiago, Chile, we travel to Puenta Del Inca, and begin an approach that will take us several days to reach base camp. Here, we relax and acclimate for several more days.

We then move our team up the mountain via a series of three more camps. Our climb takes us up the normal Route giving us the greatest opportunity for success. This route, although not technical in difficulty, makes great physical demands on its climbers because of the extreme altitude and heavier loads that we carry between camps. It is highly recommended to climb this route before trying other routes on this mountain.

It is required that all climbers have previous successful experience above 12,000'; cold weather camping experience; the ability to carry heavy loads for numerous days at high altitudes; and be in extremely healthy aerobic condition.

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