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Costa Rica General Information

Cost :

The listed price of this expedition includes all lodging, ground transportation, guides fees, park entrance fees, hut fees, camping permits, stove fuel, porter or pack animal fees. Airfare is not included.

Deposit :

The deposit for the Multi-Activity Adventure is $600 per person. This should be sent as soon as you have decided to join the expedition to insure a spot on the trip dates you prefer as trips can fill quickly. The deposit must be included with the sign up forms ( Pages 1 thru 3 available via the Sign Me Up link ) in order to process your application and insure your spot. No application mailed without the deposit will be accepted. Please follow the directions for submitting your deposit as outlined on the opening page of the “Sign me up” link. We will contact you by the email address you provide on the “ Expeditions Applicant Personal Information " form to inform you that we have received your deposit.

Flight information :

After you have been notified that we have received your deposit, purchase your airline ticket and email or call us with your flight information so we can arrange to meet you at the airport when you arrive.

Hotel information :

At the time we notify you that we have received your deposit, we’ll also inform you of the hotel’s name and address where you’ll be staying upon your arrival. Hotels have been chosen based on years of experience in the area and take into account High Quality, location relative to local sites and restaurants and reliability. We will have booked your rooms in advance. Rooms will be Double Occupancy unless in the case of differing gender.

Balance :

The balance for the Multi-Activity Adventure is due no later than 30 calendar days prior to your expedition’s beginning date. Any payment received after this will be charged an additional $100 late fee, no exceptions.

Passport and Visas :

It is necessary to have a passport to travel to any country outside the United States with the only exception being Puerto Rico. It is currently taking around 6 to 8 weeks to receive a passport by normal processing after you submit your application, so either allow yourself enough time ahead of the trip to compensate or pay the expedite fee when submitting the application. Most Central American countries do not require a visa to enter from the United States. Please check with your local travel agent or visit the following Web Site : US State Department Consular Information Sheets

Baggage :

Please limit your baggage to only the items on the gear list as we cannot handle more than that with our limited space in vehicles. Everything should fit into one large duffel and one large backpack, which will be checked in, and one 30 to 40 liter summit pack which can be your carry on. We will store some of our baggage at the hotel while on the mountain such as street clothing to fly home in.

Arriving in Costa Rica :

We will meet you at the airport when you arrive unless prior arrangements have been made. After we receive your deposit, your guide will be in touch with you thru email to make arrangements on how to meet once you arrive..

Money :

You will be able to exchange US currency into local currency at the airport after your arrival. Your guide will be happy to assist you in locating a Currency Exchange Kiosk. Please do not bring travelers checks if you are only bringing money for meals. Carrying around $200 - $300 is not a problem, but finding a bank open to cash your traveler’s checks could be. Do not bring worn or torn money as it is not accepted in some places.

Meals :

We do not provide meals in the cost of this trip as people have individual diets, likes, and dislikes when it comes to food. Some are vegetarians, some meat eaters, some junk food junkies, some have allergies to certain foods, and others don’t care what they eat. It’s just easier for you to bring your money for the food and order in restaurants what you want to eat, and buy in local markets food that you will like while on the mountain to supplement your dehydrated food mentioned on the gear list. Meals in Costa Rica are cheaper than in the US. Generally, a person can eat well on $25 per day.


The weather will be warm to hot in the dry tropical regions along the ocean and at lower elevations. In the cloudforest region, slightly cool weather with sometimes chilly temperatures at night can be expected. In San Jose, temperatures in the 70s are normal. We will be visiting the country in the dry season, so rain is unlikely except in the cloud forest.

Other :

Please email us with any questions you may have about the expedition and we will reply promptly. We hope to climb with you in the near future.

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