Front Range Mountain Guides of Colorado

Iliniza Norte, Cotopaxi, Chimborazo Gear List

1 large duffel bag, lockable with lock
Large Backpack ( 5000 cubic inch or larger )
Summit Pack with Two Ice Axe Attachments ( 2000 cubic inches or 35 liters or larger )
Tent & Ground Cloth ( can be rented )
Sleeping Bag Rated to 0 degrees
Sleeping Pad
Small Compressible Pillow ( If Desired )
LED / Spot Combination Headlamp and 2 Sets of Extra Batteries
Climbing Harness with Adjustable Leg Loops( can be rented )
2 Large Locking Carabiners
1 set of Prussiks or Jumars
1 Pulley
1 - Snow Picket, 24" or 36" ( Can be rented )
Ice Axe ( can be rented )
3- 4 Leash for Ice Axe
Trekking Poles ( can be rented )
Crampons with Anti - Snow Plates ( can be rented )
Bowl, Fork, Spoon
Stormproof Matches
Duct Tape
Ear Plugs
Pocket Knife
Camera in Protective Case
Book to Read
Sunglasses with Side Shields
Ski Goggles
3 - One Liter Water Bottles
Insulated Water Bottle Parka
Plastic Boots ( Can be Rented )
Chemical Boot Warmers ( If Needed )
1 Emergency Space Blanket
Heavy Plastic Bag to fit over Backpack or Rain Cover
Handi Wipes and Purell Hand Disinfectant
Full Roll of Toilet Paper in a Ziploc Bag


Fleece pants and jacket or heavy wool sweater
2 Midweight Polypro Tops
1 Expedition Weight Polypro Top
Gortex Jacket and Pants or Bibs that fit over Fleece Pants
3 pr Heavy Socks
3 pr Liner Socks
Modular Mitts, fleece, Wool or Down Filled with Water-Resistant Shell Overmitts
Warm Hat that covers Ears
Headband that covers Ears
Pack Towel
Hiking Boots ( Can be Lightweight )
Light Gloves
Extra Underwear
Down or Synthetic filled Jacket ( Optional )


Note : We will purchase food in the local town to supplement this list with fresh fruits and vegetables.

4 Dehydrated Dinners
Snacks and Food for 5 Lunches
Food for Summit day
Oatmeal for 4 Breakfasts
6 - Cup a Soups
Energy Bars
Powdered energy Drink Mix for 3 - 4 Liters
Tea / Hot chocolate
Trail Mix

Personal Gear

Sunscreen SPF 45 +
Lip Balm / Carmex
Moleskin or Foam
Pepto Bismol
Diamox ( If Needed )

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