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Iliniza Norte, Cotopaxi & Chimborazo Itinerary

Day 1 : Fly to Quito (9000) and Arrive hotel

Day 2 : 4WD Trans to La Virgin (12,900), Camp for the evening

Day 3 : Rest and further acclimating, light hiking to 14,400. Return to La Virgin at 12,900 and camp for second night

Day 4 : Load horses with gear and hike to Iliniza hut (15,250). Rest, preparation and acclimate sleep at hut (15,250)

Day 5 : Climb Iliniza Norte 16,818. Return to La Virgin and trans to Hacienda in valley for evening.

Day 6 : Drive to Cotopaxi in AM and hike to Jose Ribas hut (15,650)

Day 7 : Early (12 am) summit day Cotopaxi (19,346) Head to Riobamba or head back to Quito

Day 8 : Alternate summit day for Cotopaxi ( If on short trip, i.e. only Iliniza Sur and Cotopaxi, you return to Quito in the afternoon and fly home this evening, or the next alternate Cotopaxi summit day or go to Ambato for Chimborazo. Return day to Quito if you are only doing Iliniza Norte and Cotopaxi.

Day 9 : Two mountain climbers fly home. Three mountain climbers drive to Ambato or Riobamba for the evening. Lodging in a Hotel to rest, clean up and prepare for Chimborazo

Day 10 : Drive to Chimborazo, short hike to hut and sleep for evening

Day 11 : Climb Chimborazo and return late evening to Quito

Day 12 : Fly home

Note: If we have good weather and summit both peaks on scheduled days, you would have two free days in Quito and may want to visit some historical sites around Quito with your guide for no extra charge or return home a day or two early

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