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Expeditions International / Front Range Mountain Guides Expedition Application Package

Please read all 3 pages of the forms in this package carefully. If you have any questions, contact us at expeditions@mtnguides.com

All of the forms must be read, filled out completely in legible print, signed, and sent along with each applicants applicable deposit fee via mail to ;

Front Range Mountain Guides
PO Box 17294
Boulder, CO 80308

The guides of Expedition International are dedicated to making sure everyone applying for each trip is in good health, sufficiently physically fit, and dedicated to the appropriate amount of aerobic exercise to stay fit for that trip up to the time of the trip's departure date. This ensures a better experience for the entire team.

All expeditions participants are expected to function as a team under the direction of their guides, and are expected to be considerate and respectful of other team members' values and beliefs, as well as each country's customs and traditions.

All participants are advised to purchase traveler's insurance for the trip. They should also have made provisions for medical expense coverage in the event of an injury occurring in a foreign country.

The balance of the trip cost needs to be received no later than five weeks or (35 calendar days) prior to the trip's departure date. In the event that the balance is received later than this date, a $100 late fee will be required to participate.

Participants understand that all lodging is based on double occupancy except when a female would prefer to room by herself rather than share with a male member of the expedition or vice versa.

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