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Hawaii : Kauai

The Na Pali Coast and Kauai
9 days

A gorgeous setting in a tropical paradise waiting to be explored

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Hawaii’s wealth of scenery is renowned, and of all the islands making up the state of Hawaii, perhaps the one most special is Kauai.

From a geological perspective, Kauai was the first island to be formed. Although its expanse is a mere thirty three miles from one end to the other, it is comprised of an incredibly diverse landscape.

On the northern shore lies the “other worldly” Hanalei Valley and the Na Pali coast with its razor like tropical spires and gorges, bathed in flowers, and blessed with spectacular waterfalls ( Some higher than Niagara Falls ) and cliffs that tower to 2,700' above the coastline. It is here that our trip begins with a four day backpack into an area that is unlike any place else in the world.

From our starting point at the town of Hanalei, we set out the first morning and head west along the Kalalau trail pausing to enjoy Hanakopiai beach for an afternoon and camping for the evening nearby. Our second day takes us to an area by the Hanakoa Valley that offers us the opportunity for incredible views of the coastline and gives us access to the trail to Hanakoa Falls, which is a wonderful spot to relax and take a swim in its perfectly formed pool below.

We hike out on the third day and spend an evening camping on a beach and doing some snorkeling and enjoying the white sand, the peaceful ocean view, hiking on the beach, and enjoying the sunset.

Our journey next takes us to the other side of the island for a completely different kind of experience, in the gorgeous Waimea Canyon area and state park. We use this as a base for a couple more days of hiking in a variety of awesome scenery. From towering canyon vistas rivaling the Grand Canyon to hikes through areas that must remind one of a “Garden of Eden”. This side of the island has its own treasures waiting for us to explore on foot and the option for horseback riding as well.

If your idea of an adventure includes incredible scenery with awesome weather, wonderful beaches, inspiring hikes and lots of opportunity for getting unique photos, consider putting this trip at the top of your list.

We hope you can join us in this island paradise.

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