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Ice I
Introduction to Ice Climbing

Where : Various locations within a 1 1/2 hour drive from Denver
Length : One Day
When : December - Early April. Any day of the week.
Max Climbers : 4 Pricing : $130 / $190 Private

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The Intro to Ice Climbing course is for the person who has never climbed waterfall ice before and will teach the complete beginner all the basic skills needed to climb easier to moderate difficulty terrain. You needn’t have any previous rock climbing experience either.

The course is kept to a maximum of 4 students to ensure desirable amounts of climbing time for each student.

We begin the class by demonstrating how to put crampons on properly, and make the students aware of the difference between mountaineering crampons and technical ice crampons. We then teach the method of climbing low angle ice. While approaching the bottom of the climbs, students will learn skills on low angle ice that are used in alpine climbing environments as well as here. The student will learn general crampon skills that will be needed to climb the ice in this class.

Your guide then sets up several top rope climbs and demonstrates balance and movement on steeper terrain. Students are taught how to put on their harness, and properly tie in to the rope, use of goggles to protect them from shattering ice, basic crampon movement on steeper terrain, proper swing and placement of tools, and how to remove tools that are stuck. Different ice surfaces are pointed out to show them what kinds of ice conditions they may encounter.

After students complete their first climb, we move them to the belaying end of the top rope where they are taught how to belay and then lower other students who are climbing, all under the guide’s watchful eye. The climbs are varied in type of terrain and difficulty to allow the student to experience a variety of climbing conditions. This arms the student with enough experience to be able to move on to the Ice 2 Class, or to go on steeper snow routes with us in an alpine setting if they wish.

A great and tiring day of climbing using muscles in a whole different way from rock or gym climbing.

Join us on this one day class and see for yourself.

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