Front Range Mountain Guides of Colorado

Ice II Gear List


Medium Sized Backpack ( 35 - 50 liters / 2000 - 4000 cubic inches )
Two to Three One-Liter Large Mouth Nalgene Water Bottles ( At least one all water )( We Sell These For $ 8 )
Water Bottle Parka ( We Sell These For $ 10 )
Sunglasses with Sideshields ( 30 - 45 SPF )
Ski Goggles
Gaiters that fit over Big Boots ( Optional, but nice to have )
Crampons ( We rent for this class )
Pair of Ice Tools
Boots that are Waterproof and Accommodate Crampons ( We rent plastic boots )
Climbing Harness
Large, Locking Carabiner ( Provided )
Rappel / Belay Device ( Provided )
Trekking Poles ( Optional : Can be rented )
Sunscreen and Lip Protection
Personal First Aid Kit containing : Moleskin, Ibuprophene, Medical Tape, Scissors, Bandaids, etc.
Toilet Paper in a Ziploc Bag


Goretex Jacket or other Waterproof, Breathable Material
Gortex or Waterproof, Breathable Pants
Mid Weight Capaline, Polypropylene, or Other Wicking Top
Heavy Weight Capaline, Polypropylene, or Other Wicking Top
Fleece Top
Fleece or Mid-Weight Bottoms
Thin Wool Liner Socks
2 Layers of Thick Wool Socks of Different Thicknesses to Fit Boots
Water Repellant Gloves
Warm Stocking Hat, Bomber Style Hat, or Ski Hat that Covers Ears
Headband that Covers Ears


Snacks, Sandwiches or Non-Freezing Power Bars

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