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Ice Classes / Climbs General information


We provide all group climbing gear including rope, ice protection, slings, etc. at no extra charge. Helmets and harnesses are included for Ice 1 classes at no extra charge.

We rent an Ice Climbing Rental Package for $35 per Day which includes;

This package contains over $800 worth of climbing gear for you to use. If you own some of this gear, but not all, you are welcome to use your gear and rent only what you need. See the 'Rental Gear' link on the left-hand menu for more information on pricing of individual rental equipment.

If you are renting Boots and/or a Climbing Harness from us, we will need your street shoe size and waist measurement to properly fit you. Please email your sizes to us when you send the waiver/sign up form with your deposit check. All waiver/sign-up forms must include the deposit check to be processed and admitted into any class.

Meeting Time and Place:

We will notify you by the email address you provide on the waiver/sign up form that we have received your deposit, and will email you a note with an attachment that includes direction to the meeting place, the time to meet us on the date you are taking the class with us. We typically meet at 6:30am at a location to park and possibly car pool together just West of Denver. The drive to any of our ice climbing areas is no more than a 1 ˝ hour drive from Denver.

Please give yourself or group plenty of time to get to the meeting area on time. This is very important as others who have paid for the class should not normally need to wait for a late arrival. We don’t carry a cell phone since they don’t function well in mountain terrain so a phone notifying us of your late arrival isn’t a good option. The guides will wait a reasonable period of time and then will leave with everyone to the climbing area. Anyone arriving after that will have the opportunity to put their deposit toward another day with us. If you have privately booked a class and are running late, we will wait up to one hour for you to arrive. However, a late arrival may not equate into a longer day to compensate.

Deposit / Balance Information:

A deposit check in the amount of $50 per person, per day is needed to process and hold your desired date of participation in any class or on any guided climb. This must be accompanied by a completely filled out copy of the sign up waiver you will find to print out using the “Sign me up” button on each class page.

The deposit should be received no later than 6 days prior to your class dates and is non refundable except in the case of poor weather which doesn’t allow us to run the class for out of state participants. In the event of poor weather, we will deduct a $10 processing fee from the deposit before it is returned as it takes office time to process and to refund.

In the case of poor weather for Colorado residents, we reserve the right to place the deposit toward the class on another day of your choice. The balance for all classes and climbs is due on the participation date.

On the “memo” area of your deposit check please list the class and date.

Please make checks out to: " Front Range Guides "

The deposit and 'Sign me Up' Sheet should be sent to;

Front Range Mountain Guides PO Box 17294 Boulder, Colorado 80308

Food and Clothing:

Please bring an adequate lunch and plenty of snacks for the day. Have at least one to two liters of water with you. We also recommend bringing a Thermos with hot chocolate, tea or hot soup in addition to any other food you may bring. Most energy bars freeze solid in cold weather so bring sandwiches, trail mix, leftover chicken, cut up vegetables, etc. for your meals. We will not have a way to heat up any food at the climbing locations. Please bring a plastic trash bag to put your trash in after your meal.

Do not bring any large items that you cannot carry in your pack for this class, as we will be hiking into some areas and will not be able to carry items easily.

Please refer to the 'Clothing / Gear List' links on the Ice I, Ice II, Ice III, and Ice IV class pages for specific information on clothing and gear for your respective class. You will need to have everything on that list to stay comfortable for the day. Temperatures drop as you climb in elevation and North-facing climbs are usually in the shadows, making for yet colder weather. Wind will drop the temps even more. Not to mention falling wet snow penetrating non-waterproof jackets and pants and hats.

In the Front Range Area, a weather report for Denver has no significance in the mountains only a 20 minute drive away, much less in the higher regions.

Please feel free to email any more questions you may have about this or any other of our classes and climbs.

Group Size:

We have structured these classes to reasonably accommodate the maximum number of students allowed as stated on the Class pages. Check your respective class page for this information.

Large Groups:

We can accommodate large groups on the Ice I, Ice II, and Ice III classes only. If you have a group larger than 4 for any of these classes, Email us with the class size and date your group would like to book. We will book your group its own date at no extra cost. We will also need to know every participant’s shoe and waist size to outfit them with boots and harnesses. We require a completed sign up waiver and a $50 deposit be sent together for every person attending regardless of class size. We will maintain a ratio of one instructor for every four students in large Ice classes.

If you have a personally formed group of more than 6 students, we offer a 10% class discount to all members of your group.

Thanks for reading all of this. We look forward to meeting and climbing with you in the near future.

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