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Kids on the Rocks

Where : Boulder, Colorado
Length : 1/2 Day
When it's Offered : May - Early November. Tuesday through Saturday
Max Participants : Up to 4
Pricing : $70 / $90 Private

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This course is open to 6 to 11 year old kids. It requires the participation of at least one of the parents as well. The class is experiential, so the time is focused simply on letting the kids climb on rock while roped up and on a top rope system just like an indoor wall only better.

Here, the kids see great views, hear and smell sounds and scents that are real, and climb on real rock with the sun shining down on them. Something a warehouse type gym cannot offer.

We set up several climbs suited to this age group, designed to give them a positive experience, and plenty of guidance and encouragement the entire time. The emphasis is on safety and fun. We also teach the parents how to belay ( Manage the climbing rope ) their child while they are climbing so they can actively participate in the experience. Kids get lots of time to climb too.

These classes are held just west of Boulder. In the summer months we begin the class by meeting at 8:00am. This insures that we are finished before the hottest part of the day begins. We are close to the vehicles so you can feel free to bring chairs, a cooler with cold drinks and snacks, or other things to make yourself comfortable while your child climbs.

All necessary equipment is provided. Kids should have their lunch and snacks with them, along with a couple quarts of water, sunglasses, a jacket, sweatshirt, sunscreen, and toilet paper in a ziplock bag.

A half day kids course is a great way for your children to spend a morning of their vacation out west, or a different activity for a group of play mates who live locally.

And donít forget to bring your camera!

Gift certificates are also available for this class.

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