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Pico De Orizaba Itinerary

Day 1 : Fly to Mexico City. Stay in Hotel downtown near historic area.

Day 2 : Early AM Trans to Tlachichuca. Sleep in Tlachachuca at 8,700'.

Day 3 : Transport to forest camp. Hike and acclimate at 12,700. Sleep at 12,700

Day 4 : Day hike to 13,500 in the National Park. sleep one more night at 12,700'.

Day 5 : Hike to Piedra Grande hut area ( 2 1/2 hours ) at 13,900. Setup camp and sleep at 13,900.

Day 6 : Acclimating hike to High Camp at 15,000' to cache water. Return to Piedra Grande camp at 13,900.

Day 7 : Climb to High Camp. Sleep at 15,000'.

Day 8 : Summit day. 3:45 AM start. Climb to summit ( 18,408' ) Return to Tlachichuca early evening. Trans to Mexico City late or next morning.

Day 9 : Alternate summit day in case of poor weather or trans in morning to Mexico city arriving in early afternoon.

Day 10 : Fly home in afternoon after 3pm.

Ixta Addition ; Day 9 or 10 : Those climbing Ixta will trans from Tlachichuca to Amecameca and spend the evening in a hotel there, then re-group and climb the following night beginning with a ride to La Joya at 1 AM. We will return to La Joya after the summit to be picked up and shuttled down to Amecameca and a return to Mexico City that evening. Or elect to stay in Amecameca for the evening and return to Mexico City the following day.

Please feel free to call us and discuss our preference for climbing Ixta after Orizaba and we will be happy to explain why this makes the most sense.

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