Front Range Mountain Guides of Colorado

Rock I
Introduction to Rock Climbing

Where : Boulder, Estes Park
Length : One full day outside
When : April - November. Any day of the week.
Max Climbers : Up to 4
Cost : $ 135 ea / $ 175 Private

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With over 26 years of climbing and guiding experience, we have created and refined our introductory level, outdoor one-day course to be the most in depth and involving learning experience we know of. We believe in teaching you "how" to do something, and also explaining "why" it should be done a certain way, so you will have a greater appreciation of the safety involved. The emphasis will be on safety and fun!

The course is designed for the person with absolutely no previous experience, and is also the right choice for the person who has taken one or two lessons indoors, but never climbed outside. This course provides specific instruction and climbing experiences that cannot be duplicated on any indoor climbing wall. It offers lots of climbing time for every student throughout the day. You will be learning by doing, and as the day goes along, we will gradually introduce you to various climbing techniques.

The course is kept very small with a maximum of four students. Most classes consist of two or three students per instructor. We guarantee this course to provide you with personalized instruction, geared at your learning pace.

Here is an example of some of the basics that will be covered in the course ;

- Proper fit of a Climbing Harness and Helmet

- Tying into the rope with figure eight and safety knots

-  Equipment nomenclature

- Belaying signals

- Belaying techniques

- Understanding Basic Anchor Systems

- Climbing on several Top Rope climbs

- Proper movement and balance on rock; edging, smearing, jamming, and crimping techniques

- Following a lead climber

- Cleaning a route behind a lead climber

- Rappelling a double rope

- Protecting a rappel

- Coiling and carrying a rope

- Understanding the rating system

- Safety considerations

This is an extremely popular class and you will have to look very long to find another climbing school that provides such an extensive experience in their Intro course.

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