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Rock II
Intermediate Rock Climbing

Where : Boulder, Colorado Springs
Length : One full day outside
When : April - October. Any day of the week.
Max Climbers : Up to 4
Cost : $ 135 ea / $ 175 Private

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The Rock Two Class is designed to begin right where the Rock One Intro Class finishes, and goes into all sorts of new areas. The Rock One class is a prerequisite for attending this class, unless you have previous outdoor rock climbing experience and, after talking with you, we feel it’s appropriate. People often elect to take these two days back to back to get a good weekend of climbing in, or to get more instruction while vacationing in Colorado.

We begin the day with a brief review of some of the things we covered in the Rock One Class, then start off with doing a beautiful little climb at the level of difficulty that we finished up at in the Rock One. This climb however, is a little longer, and introduces you to multiple pitch climbing techniques, along with more crack climbing techniques and belaying your guide while he is on the front of the rope moving upwards. You also learn how to follow a climb as a “middleman” on a multi- party team. Setting up a belay station once or twice on the route teaches you how a climb is done that is longer than your rope, and how it is done in stages.

You learn how to use signals in this new situation to know what your leader is doing even when you cannot see him. You also learn a couple more knots and more rope handling tricks to keep everything running smoothly.

Next, we move to an area where we can introduce you to the art of placing anchors and demonstrate what good anchors are, and how we judge which type of protection to use. This class is not as extensive as our “Top rope Anchors” class or “Anchors Two” class, but it gives you a good foundation and will give you enough knowledge to be decide if a new partner in your future really knows what he or she is doing.

We then go to another scenic area and focus on more top roping and working on your skill level and introduce you to more techniques for face climbing and crack climbing including finger and hand cracks, and laybacking techniques. You get plenty of “one on one” time in the small group setting, and lots of time on the rock too. After a full day of climbing various climbs and slowly introducing you to slightly more difficult climbs requiring refinement of your techniques, you will be tired and maybe a little sore from the workouts, and know a lot more than when you started.

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