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Rock Class General Information ( Please read all of this carefully )


We provide all group climbing gear including rope, protection, slings and other anchors at no extra charge. Helmets and harnesses are also included for Rock 1 and Rock 2 classes at no extra charge. We rent climbing shoes for $12 per day and have all sizes, but please Email us your street shoe size at least two days ahead of the class date to insure we have them on hand when you arrive.

Sign up

To sign up for any rock class, call us, email us at frmg@ix.netcom.com or click on the ' Sign me up ' link for a printable form that can be mailed in.

Deposit / Balance Information

A deposit check in the amount of $50 per person, per day is needed to process and hold your desired date of participation in any class or on any guided climb. This must be accompanied by a completely filled out copy of the sign up waiver you will find to print out using the “Sign me up” button on each class page.

The deposit should be received no later than 6 days prior to your class dates and is non refundable except in the case of poor weather which doesn’t allow us to run the class for out of state participants. In the event of poor weather, we will deduct a $10 processing fee from the deposit before it is returned as it takes office time to process and to refund.

In the case of poor weather for Colorado residents, we reserve the right to place the deposit toward the class on another day of your choice. The balance for all classes and climbs is due on the participation date.

On the “memo” area of your deposit check please list the class and date.

Please make checks out to: " Front Range Guides "

The deposit and 'Sign me Up' sheet should be sent to;

Front Range Mountain Guides PO Box 17294 Boulder, Colorado 80308

Meeting Time and Place:

We will notify you by the email address you provide on the liability waiver that we have received your deposit and waiver, and will attach the meeting time and directions for meeting us the morning of the class. We typically meet at 8:30am for most classes, so give yourself or group enough time to make it to the meeting area through the Denver Metro area traffic.

This is very important as others who have paid for the class should not normally need to wait for a late arrival. The guides will wait a reasonable amount of time and start the class with the others regardless of your arrival time. Remember the cell phone the guide may carry will not pick up in the canyon due the rock walls blocking signals, so you will not have a way to let them know you are running late. In the case of extreme late arrival we reserve the right to put you in a class on another day.

In the case of classes held at other locations, please call ahead and we will give you directions on where to meet, and the time you need to be there.

Class Size and Large Groups:

All regular classes have a maximum number of participants we can accommodate. If your group is the maximum number (in most cases three or four) we will give you a class date to yourselves at no extra cost. If you have a larger group, you will need to contact us at least seven days ahead of time to insure the proper number of guides are booked to go with your group. We have two guides for every four people in any group course and have special group rates for 7 or more students when they sign up together. If you are signing up a group make sure everyone in the group has access to all this information.

If you desire a group class please send your deposit for the class well ahead of time to give us the time to sign others up on that same day with you.

We realize that athletic ability, coordination, and physical conditioning vary an any size group and work to make sure that everyone is challenged, but not unreasonably so, and will set up various climbs for various ability levels as your Guides deem appropriate.

Food and Clothing:

Please provide an adequate lunch and snacks for yourself for the entire day as well as plenty of water. If you are coming from a lower altitude for this class, be sure to bring two liters of water as a minimum for the day.

We will be in areas where you will need to walk up hills on less than perfect trails, so wear appropriate footwear such as running shoes, lightweight hiking boots, or trekking shoes. Many people are not comfortable in sandals in this terrain. So we recommend leaving sandals in your pack if you bring them until you see the terrain.

Please carefully read the “clothing list” and have everything on the list regardless of the forecast or what it feels, or appears to be like from your origination point that morning . Mountain weather can change drastically in a very short amount of time and temperatures can plummet quickly even in summer.

Do not bring anything that is too large to carry in your backpack along with everything else, as we cannot promise you we will be in an area where you can bring along a cooler, chairs or other frills. Our larger specially arranged group classes are an exception to this.

Thanks for reading all this. We look forward to meeting and climbing with you!

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