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General Information for Winter Classes & Guided Climbs


We provide all group climbing gear including rope, protection, slings, carabiners, and snow anchors at no extra charge. Helmets and Harnesses are included in the Introduction to Snow Climbing Class at no extra charge.

We rent a Snow Climbing Rental Package for $30 per Day which includes;

This package contains over $400 worth of climbing gear for you to use. If you own some of this gear, but not all, you are welcome to use your gear and rent only what you need. See the 'Rental Gear' link on the left-hand menu for more information on pricing of individual rental equipment.

If you are renting Boots and/or a Climbing Harness from us, we will need your street shoe size and waist measurement to properly fit you. Please email your sizes to us when you send the waiver/sign up form with your deposit check. All waiver/sign-up forms must include the deposit check to be processed and admitted into any class.

Meeting Time and Place:

We will notify you by the email address you provide on the liability waiver that we have received your deposit and waiver, and will attach a document with the meeting time and directions for meeting us the morning of your class or climb. The Introduction to Snow Climbing class typically meets at 6:45 AM at a location less than an hours’ drive from Denver. Some Guided climbs require an overnight camp by the trailhead. No climbs are more than a two hour drive from Denver. We’ll let you know if the climb you are signing up for requires the overnight camp.

Deposit / Balance Information:

A deposit check in the amount of $50 per person, per day is needed to process and hold your desired date of participation in any class or on any guided climb. This must be accompanied by a completely filled out copy of the sign up waiver you will find to print out using the “Sign me up” button on each class page.

The deposit should be received no later than 6 days prior to your class dates and is non refundable except in the case of poor weather which doesn’t allow us to run the class for out of state participants. In the event of poor weather, we will deduct a $10 processing fee from the deposit before it is returned as it takes office time to process and to refund.

In the case of poor weather for Colorado residents, we reserve the right to place the deposit toward the class on another day of your choice. The balance for all classes and climbs is due on the participation date.

On the “memo” area of your deposit check please list the class and date.

Please make checks out to: " Front Range Guides "

The deposit should be sent to;

Front Range Mountain Guides PO Box 17294 Boulder, Colorado 80308

Class Size and Large Group Information:

All classes and group climbs are designed so that everyone will receive personalized attention. In the case of large groups forming, we will have one guide for every six students in the Intro to Snow climbing class, one guide to every four climbers in the Guided Intro Snow climb, and one guide to every four students for all Intermediate and Advanced level Guided Snow Climbs.

Food and Clothing for the Class:

Please refer to the 'Gear' link for this class and bring lots of snacks and 2 liters of water in addition to any energy drink. Many types of energy bars freeze up in cold weather so take that in consideration when choosing your food. We recommend trail mix and cut up vegetables with a sandwich of some sort for your lunch and snack break. Anything you bring for this class must fit inside of your pack. We prefer 2 large mouth, 1 Liter Nalgene water bottles with insulated bottle parkas covering them for cold weather.

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