Front Range Mountain Guides of Colorado

Kilimanjaro Gear List

1 large duffel bag with a Large, Strong Zipper ( #10 YKK, etc. ) lockable with lock
1 Small Duffle
Summit Pack ( 2000 cubic inches or 35 liters or larger )
Tent & Ground Cloth, 3 or 4 Season ( can be rented )
Sleeping Bag Rated to 0 degrees
Sleeping Pad, Foam or Thermarest type
Small Compressible Pillow ( If Desired )
LED / Spot Combination Headlamp and 2 Sets of Extra Batteries
Trekking Poles ( can be rented )
Bowl, Fork, Spoon
Stormproof Matches
Duct Tape
Ear Plugs
Pocket Knife
Book to Read
Camera in Protective Case
Sunglasses with Side Shields
Ski Goggles
3 - One Liter Water Bottles
2 - Insulated Water Bottle Parkas
Heavier weight all Leather Boots warm to around 15 degrees that accept Crampons
Chemical Boot Warmers ( If Needed )
1 Emergency Space Blanket
Heavy Plastic Bag to fit over Backpack or Rain Cover
Handi Wipes and Purell Hand Disinfectant
Bio-Degradable Soap
2 - Heavy Weight Trash Bags large enough for Duffel
Several extra Ziploc Bags
2 - Full Rolls of Toilet Paper in Ziploc Bags


Fleece pants and jacket or heavy wool sweater
2 pr - Convertible Shorts / Pants
2 Wicking-type Tee Shirts
2 Midweight Polypro Tops
1 Expedition Weight Polypro Top
1 pr. Polypro Long Underwear
Gortex Jacket and Pants or Bibs that fit over Fleece Pants
3 pr Heavy Socks
3 pr Liner Socks
Modular Mitts, fleece, Wool or Down Filled with Water-Resistant Shell Overmitts
1 pr. Medium Weight Gloves
Warm Hat that covers Ears
Headband that covers Ears
Wide Brimmed, Sun Blocking Hat
Pack Towel
Running Shoes or Lightweight Trail Shoes
Light Gloves
Extra Underwear
Down or Synthetic filled Jacket ( Optional )


Energy Bars
Powdered energy Drink Mix for 4 - 5 Liters
Trail Mix

Personal Gear

Sunscreen SPF 45 +
Lip Balm / Carmex
Insect Repellant with DEET
Moleskin or Foam
Pepto Bismol
Ambien or Halcion for 3 nights ( Ask your Physician )
Diamox ( Ask Your Doctor )
Cipro ( Ask Your Doctor )

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