Front Range Mountain Guides of Colorado

Technical Mountaineering Gear & Clothing List


35-40 Liter Climbing Pack
Climbing Helmet ( See 'Rental Gear' )
Alpine climbing harness with adjustable leg loops ( See 'Rental Gear' )
Two large locking carabiners ( Provided )
2 prussiks
Rappel / Belay Device ( Provided )
Rock climbing shoes you can get wool socks into comfortably ( See 'Rental Gear' )
LED / Spot Combination Headlamp and a Set of Extra Batteries
Pocket Knife ( We Recommend Swiss Army Style )
Dark Glasses with Side Shields
2 - One Liter Wide Mouth Nalgene Water Bottles
Camera in Protective Case
Personal First Aid Kit with Moleskin, Bandaids, and Headache Pills
Sunscreen 30-45 SPF
Lip Balm
Toilet Paper in a Ziplock Bag


Waterproof, Breathable Jacket, Not a Soft Shell ( Gortex, E-Vent, Etc)
Waterproof, Breathable Pants ( Gortex, E-Vent, Etc)
Light Weight Fleece Top and Bottom
Wicking Midweight Layer Top
Expedition Weight Wicking Top
1 pr Warm Wool Socks that fit in your Rock Shoes
1 pr Liner Socks to be used with Wool Socks in Approach Shoes
Lightweight Trail Shoes or Running Shoes
Wool Cap or Ski Cap, or Bomber Style Cap
Headband that Covers Ears

Energy Bars
Trail Mix
Cut up Vegetables and Fruit

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