Front Range Mountain Guides of Colorado

Technical Mountaineering
Ascents in Colorado

Where : Colorado Front Range
Length : 1 or 2 Full Days
When : June - Early September. Any day of the week.
Max Climbers : Up to 2
Cost : $250 ea. / $ 300-400 Private

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The term “ Technical Mountaineering ” refers to routes up mountains that require equipment such as rope and climbing protection to climb, along with a higher level of climbing skill. Here in Colorado, we have many mountain routes that have great climbs of all levels of technical difficulty, from easier 5th class to expert level terrain. They are on good sound rock in spectacular settings. We will choose a route based on current conditions and your specific skill level and experience.

The approach hikes into many of these climbs can be done in the early morning hours as it is getting light, giving us plenty of time to climb the route and summit before noon to avoid the afternoon showers that are fairly common in the Rockies. We are usually back at the trailhead by mid to late afternoon. Many of these climbs are only an hour and half drive from the Denver area.

To climb these routes you will need to have the equivalent training of our Rock I, Rock II and Rock III courses and be in good aerobic condition. You also need to be in Colorado acclimating a few days before the climb. This time can be spent taking the Rock I, Rock II and Rock III courses if required or spending a day of guided multi-pitch ascents in the Boulder area ( Rock IV ) if you've had equivalent training from another accredited institution. Guided multi-pitch ascents are a great way to “warm up” for these climbs, get a feel for techniques needed for this areas rock and to help you acclimate further to be ready to climb at altitude.

If you have previous climbing experience that you think may qualify you to join us on one of these climbs, email us and we’ll put you in touch with a guide who will call you, and through your conversation determine whether we will waive the rock classes and only require a one day guided “warm up session” before heading out with us for one of these remarkable experiences.

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