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Testimonials from past Clients

The Gilpin County Search and Rescue team was very lucky to learn from a guide service with the experience and effective teaching ability of Bill Morris of Front Range Mountain Guides. The Front Range Mountain Guide Snow School is an annual training session for GCSAR, where we learn and are able to be refreshed on necessary snow skills, including snow anchors, self-arrest, proper cramponing technique, and rope team skills and communication. Our experience with Front Range Mountain Guides has allowed many of our team members to effectively and safely navigate steep, snow covered terrain during our Search and Rescue operations. On behalf of Gilpin County Search and Rescue, I would like to thank Front Range Mountain Guides for helping us to better assist the public.

- Jim Gaddis, Commander
Gilpin County (CO) Search and Rescue

The experience I had climbing Skywalker Couloir with Bill Morris of Front Range Mountain Guides was second to none. This guide service allowed me to test my abilities on an exciting route in a spectacular alpine setting. Billís commitment to safety enabled me to relax and really be able to concentrate on my climbing technique. The guides at Front Range Mountain Guides and Expeditions International are excellent teachers and communicators. The skills I have learned from their alpine climbing clinics have allowed me to gain confidence and experience for climbs around the world. Thanks to Front Range Mountain Guides!

- Dennis Staley, Golden CO

During my 10 day trip with Bill Morris from Front Range Mountain Guides I found him to be extremely friendly, helpful and willing to go the extra mile to teach whatever he knew about the mountains and climbing to me. Bill has a very keen, experienced†and professional attitude with safety always top of his mind. In my case†coming from sea level in England†he took extra care to allow additional days required for acclimatization to ensure summit success. During the climb Bill maintained his sense of humour when I was struggling and used a variety of techniques to encourage me to continue to the top. Bill is a strong guide who I would recommend to anyone thinking of travelling to North or South America.

- Lance Mortlock
Surrey, England

I picked Front Range Mountain Guides for a recent trip to Mexico to climb Orizaba. The trip went very well with us summiting in record time due to the acclimatization schedule they use. During the trip the guide and I became good friends and we still get together from time to time to go Rock Climbing. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

- David Pneuman, Broomfield, CO

Bill Morris of Front Range Mountain Guides did a great job of teaching me basic and intermediate rock climbing skills. I never thought Iíd have the ability or nerve to do some of the climbs that Bill took me on. But, with his excellent teaching skills, I was able to understand the safety aspects of climbing, the importance of proper communication, and proper climbing techniques. These all enabled me to have a wonderful climbing experience on routes that I never could have climbed without Front Range Mountain Guides. I now have a passion for rock climbing that I never would have discovered!

- Kimberly Hudson, Rollinsville, CO

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