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Humbolt Peak
9 days

Humbolt Peak : 16,213', Pico Bolivar : 16,342' 10 days

The truely Unique and varied beauty of Venezuela-one that shouldn't be missed!

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The northernmost tip of the Andes lies within Venezuela and includes two Peaks, both exceeding 16,000'. Our Expedition to Venezuela allows you to climb one or both of these summits.

The first part of our expedition is centered on Humboldt peak ( 16,213' ) and starts after a brief overnight stay outside of Caracas. A short flight takes us to the town of Merida, the beautiful mountain city at the foot of the Sierra Nevadas. then it's on to the National Park via 4WD vehicles to where these two mountains are located.

Once at the National Park, we register and begin a hike to Lake Coromoto at 10,300'. Our hike begins at 7,000 feet and moves up through dense tropical vegetation and culminates at the lake. We camp here for the evening. The following day we head up higher to La Corona, another Lake area by Laguna Verda at about 13,000'.

Because of the altitude jump, we spend the next day here doing some light hiking to further acclimate ourselves for the summit climb. Following our stay at La Corona, we move up slightly higher ( +600' ) to the bivy shelter area at 13,800' and rest, pack and prepare for our next day's climb of Humboldt.

The climbing is varied on this trip. At first we have some roped fourth class rock scrambling, then arrive at a slightly sloping scree field which leads to the saddle and upper snowfields at 15,700 feet. The views are great the entire way. At the rock tower we head across the glacier and head to the summit pyramid, climbing the rocky crest to the top and are rewarded with great views of the Sierra Nevadas and Pico Bolivar. A real reward for our efforts.

If the weather is good and we are feeling good too, we can cross back to the saddle and bag Pico Bonplond in a matter of a couple more hours.

After our summit, we descend back to our high camp, pack up and continue our descent down to 10,300' at Lake Coromoto for the evening. The next morning we walk out to the trailhead.

Those who are just summiting Humbolt Peak will fly out to Caracas that evening and then fly on home the following day.

Those who are signed up to climb Pico Bolivar will camp at Laguna Verda the evening of the Humbolt Peak summit day. The next day we will hike towards Bolivar via La Ventana, a rocky col, then drop down slightly to Lake Timoncitos.

The climb of Bolivar on the Ruta Weiss route is steep, very exposed and rocky most of the way with parts being fourth and low 5th class technical climbing. The upper part climbs a rocky, low 5th class gulley which is often times icy leading to a col on the ridge about 50 meters below the summit. From here a very exposed traverse on a ledge leads to some fourth class roped climbing up chimneys and finally brings us to the summit of the highest point in Venezuela.

Pico Bolivar is a great climb and this second part of the trip is open to anyone with previous documented technical mountain climbing experience or who has completed our Two day Technical Mountaineering Course in Colorado.

It's a great country, with friendly people and challenging summits waiting for you to enjoy!

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