Front Range Mountain Guides of Colorado

Winter Mountaineering
Ascents in Colorado

Where : Various areas, Within 2 hour drive from Denver
Length : 1 full Day
When : October - May. Any day of the week.
Max Climbers : Up to 4
Cost : $ 195 ea. / $ 250 / Private per day

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Colorado is blessed with literally thousands of mountains from 12,000' to over 14,000' in elevation which can be climbed from their trailhead in one to two days time using only general mountaineering skills. The term “general mountaineering” refers to any mountain climbing that doesn’t require technical climbing techniques, special climbing skills or special equipment other than the use of Plastic Boots and possibly Snowshoes to reach the summit. These winter ascents can be on dry ground, windblown trails partially covered in snow, larger low angled snowfields and snow covered boulder fields.

We offer guided winter ascents on these types of mountains for individuals who do not feel comfortable setting off by themselves in the winter mountain environment, but nonetheless wish to reach the top of a Colorado peak in winter, experiencing the unique rewards this provides them. All we require from participants is they be in good aerobic conditioning, good general health and have the desire.

Typically, we like people coming from out of state to be here at least 48 hours before climbing one of these peaks with us so they are a bit acclimated and rested from their travel. This makes a big difference when climbing to altitudes of 13,000' and 14,000'. Often people will ski for 1 - 2 days before the climb. This is an excellent way to acclimatize.

After you contact us with your chosen climbing date, along with a $50 deposit per person and the sign up waiver, we will reply via Email to confirm the receipt of your deposit and sign up waiver and send you info on when and where to meet us on the day we will climb. Be prepared to give us your shoe size if you intend to rent Plastic Boots. We generally meet just outside of Denver and drive together to the trailhead. We meet very early, usually around 6 AM during the winter months in order to be on the summit and heading down before winter winds increase, temperatures drop and clouds build up.

After a brief gear, clothing and food check, we head off for our peak. Generally, the approach hike, climb, and return trip to the trailhead takes 6-9 hours to complete.

Climbers are expected to bring at least two liters of water in addition to any energy drink or hot tea or hot chocolate they may elect to carry in a thermos. They should have all food and drinks packed with all the listed gear and clothing when we meet, and not need to stop and buy any food or water.

Since these climbs are not technical in nature, no other equipment or clothing is needed other than what is outlined on the gear list link above. We choose the peak we will ascend according to the current weather and snow conditions, at the time you will climb, not weeks before. This ensures us that we will have a much better probability of reaching a summit. In Colorado some ranges of mountains will get dumped on with snow while others not too far away may not receive as much, allowing us to climb when avalanches may be a concern elsewhere.

Please feel free to email us with any other questions you may have. We hope you will be able to join us on one of these outings.

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